Technology Integration Services

Leveling of Playing Field

Game Changing Opportunity

Technology, and Information Technology specifically, has changed the pace of business, communications, and profoundly how we all live and interact.   In the past Information Technology was viewed as a business support function, today it defines the organizational speed of a company.  This business percept is valid from a small retailer, automotive supplier, to a global manufacturer.  Technology, when properly implemented, is game leveling tool regardless of business size.  In the mid-market, technology employed not only levels the playing field it defines if you can compete and when optimized, may very well be the game changing ingredient for long term business success.

Often the challenge associated with Information Technology, is the many components, variables, the specific business strategy and processes and the integration of all these business requirements.  Herein, there is no single source within the market for delivering all the business requirements.  Further, few mid-market business require having on site all the skills and disciplines within the vast products, service and systems.  Given these complex realities, is where Abex Solutions can assist the mid-market business owners, shareholders, and IT specialists.

Our awareness of the critical integration of the required elements, both for your present day needs and for the realization of your strategic business plan for the foreseeable horizon.   Abex Solutions has developed partnerships with individuals and companies with extensive operational knowledge in the overall Information Technology space.  These resources have extensive academic training, large company experience, and tenure within the some of the biggest and broadest IT consulting practices.  Many now operate as independents, or within mid-market firms (sans the large overhead) to deliver effective, efficient, and timely solutions.  Identifying the right people and components, coupled with the right integration plan will provide your business with a considerable return on your IT investments and the competitive differentiating advantage in the marketplace.

Some of the areas which our business partners can assist your business include:

  • Information Systems Architecture Mapping
  • Information Systems Business Alignment
  • Information Systems Capability Analysis
  • Information Systems Capacity Planning / Modeling
  • Information Systems Data Governance
  • Information Systems Software Evaluation
  • Information Systems Strategic Planning
  • Information Systems Portfolio Management
  • Data Center Evaluation and Implementation
  • Solutions Delivery Life Cycle Management
  • Enterprise Level Architecture Evaluation
  • Enterprise Master Data
  • Enterprise BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Operations, Manufacturing and Distribution Automation Planning