Strategic Planning

Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Planning?  Seriously?

Many mid-market businesses operate without a specific strategic plan or minimally viewed as a management exercise.    Management interviews suggest that companies believe a strategic plan is something reserved for the Fortune 500 companies, multi-site, or multinational concerns.    This is not to suggest these same companies do not frequently conduct internal planning, to the contrary, though often initiated at the department level or functional areas of discipline.  Inherently we find these same concerns thereby are highly functionally competent though departmentally (silo) driven.

In today’s economic environment, all businesses are seeking ways to grow contribution margin, manage costs, and identify means to increase customer value.  At Abex, we believe the greatest value lies within your organization, though to optimize the potential of your business and to unite the organization the foundation lies within a strong, easily communicated vision, and company strategic plan.

Unleash the potential of your business, unleash the potential of your people, and initiate a cultural transformation through a structured strategic planning process.

Abex Solutions offer the following support services in the area of strategic planning;

  • Cultural Assessments
  • Management Assessments
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Innovation Workshops
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Process Review (BPR)
  • Strategic Evaluation, Planning and Implementation
  • Business Case Feasibility Studies
  • Internal Strategic Communication Plans
  • Information Systems Strategic Mapping