Sales & Revenue Creation

What is your team’s winning formula?

BB TeamSales, Marketing, Revenue Creation… Rarely is there a business today, where there does not exist opportunities or challenges in the area of revenue growth. For many business there is an awareness that the means and methods used to propel your organizations revenue generation to the current state will neither sustain nor create the desired growth over the next decade. Each business is uniquely different in their revenue models, though invariably there is a realization the given strategies no longer meet the changing dynamics of the B2B, B2C or multi-faceted market audiences that your business is trying to market.

The consultants at Abex Solutions have experience across many selling platforms, from transactional to consultative solution selling techniques. Executive and field level experience in low dollar retail businesses to multimillion dollar cross boarder capital asset contracts, we have it sold! Whether your employ a high volume call center, direct or indirect field sales organization, online ecommerce platform, or combinations thereof, our advisors are prepared to fully identify, both existing and new, opportunities and the associated, most cost efficient sales models to secure the vision, business plan and company strategic direction.

Today, many businesses are re-engineering their sales distribution methods to a multi-channel approaches. Wherein companies are utilizing both internal and external resources, to fully capture the business opportunity associated with technology, realigning sales and marketing practices and / or the incorporation of third party strategic alliances.


Where we differentiate our practice in the planning and implementation in the arena of Sales, Marketing and Client Relations is in how specifically the plans are incorporated within the organization and culture of a business. Revenue creation is not a sales only discipline, it is the business life source shared across an organization.

Allow us to introduce to you our winning formula in the creation of sustainable revenue objectives through the following sales, marketing and customer experience disciplines;

• Multi-Channel Sales Distribution Models
• Sales and Marketing Strategies and Implementation Management
• New Product or Service Market Launch
• Sales Administration / Contract / Order Entry Management
• Sales Leadership and Management Practices
• Individual Sales Profiling and Training
• Account Development Plans
• Customer Experience! (f/k/a Customer Service Excellence)
• Customer Lifecycle Management
• Customer Loyalty Programs
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Evaluation, Selection, Implementation