Business Assessment Services

In the area of Assessment Services, our consultants utilize a number of tools and instruments to gauge operational, process, and personnel current state prior to engagement.  Further, many of these tools can be utilized  as a means of monitoring or validation of specific project assignments.

Generally, most companies can and have identified business areas which require external evaluation, support, and resources to align and create concrete action plans to stimulate growth objectives.   Notwithstanding, there are often cross organizational dependencies which may inhibit viable implementation plans.  To ensure successful and sustainable implementation methods our group may recommended one or more organizational assessments prior to a consulting engagement.

Our advisors conduct assessments, as a condition of a specific consulting engagement, or as a stand alone service including;

  • Management Personnel Assessment
  • Sales Skills Assessment
  • Sales Personnel Profiling
  • Soft Skill Assessment
  • Personality Profiling
  • Technology Capability Assessment
  • Technology Capacity Evaluation
  • Cultural and Functional Assessment
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment
  • Market Perception Validation