Abex Solutions is a management consulting firm with senior and executive management partners from a diverse industry background. With a broad experience base ranging from startup ventures to multi-nationals, leading and managing key business functions including; Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Operations, and Information Technology.

While our advisors are equipped to meet the business challenges of most organizations, our focus is on the mid-market enterprise from $ 10MM – $100MM. Why the focus on this market? Simply, our partners are interested in supporting clients for which we can make the greatest contribution and long term transformational impact.

Many consulting firms approach an assignment from an academic, theoretical, and canned processes, with an emphasis on narrowly defined scopes, short term deliverables, and an eye toward the next billing opportunity. Certainly some of these elements have a place in advisory services, however, they often do not deliver long term sustainable results, whether it is in revenue enhancement, operational execution, or most importantly human capital engagement.  Our advisors utilize similar tools, and management principles, though differ in the respect that we look at the whole organization, company culture, and all vested parties including shareholders, customers and employees.   From this vantage point we structure the output of our work to enhance organizational success at all levels.

If your business has plateaued, your personnel have become complacent, your strategic plan has lost impact, or you are uncertain of the changes in the markets served, or customer requirements, we welcome the opportunity to identify where our partners may support your organizations long term growth.